entering the blog world

I've finally given in to the lure of blogging.
Actually, if it weren't for Cameroon, I probably wouldn't be doing this; my excuse for succumbing to the pull of popular culture is that a blog is a very pragmatic way to keep in touch with people at home while I'm gone. Thus the title -- the focus is on my journey to and experience in Cameroon. So you likely shan't see much here till things heat up a bit more.


Rebs said…
are you sure?
sure you don't want to just blither on about life in general? It's fun, believe me!

welcome to the blogging world, m'dear.

here's to getting sucked in by pop culture...
Rebs said…
also, I don't understand your name/address.
why is it a zero? why 'ling'?

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