Les Miserables

I finally finished Les Mis, after about 4 months of slogging through. A beautiful, moving, and profound story albeit padded with more philosophizing on history, politics, and religion than I have time or patience to give justice with a thorough read.

But all that rumination produces some great lines, of which the following is one:

(Of the darkness in the sewer as Jean Valjean carries the half-dead Marius to safety)

"The pupil dilates in the night and at last finds day in it, even as the soul dilates in misfortune, and at last finds God in it."

*Clarification: I have no experience with suffering to know this is true, but I believe that with the right heart attitude (like Jean Valjean's), it would indeed be the case.


Rebs said…
I’m glad you finished. Now, if only you could find Mol Flanders, you’d be set. I really should reread les mis sometime, as I’d completely forgotten about all that good philosophizing. You’re right though – sometimes it was just a little too politically/philosophically over my head.

Before I reread, I must get through my ever-growing Pile of Shame. I should not be allowed in used bookstores, for my own good.

Pointless rambling over.

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