Status report

State of preparedness report: I have a visa for entry, a laptop, and a camera. I have been talked through the arrival proceedings and have a picture of the US family with whom I can connect in Paris. I believe all my funds have been pledged -- thank you to all my supporters, in particular my church which has been amazingly supportive. So I guess I'm ready to go. Just need to start packing. That, and finish my sermon.

My time off is flying by -- I leave Winnipeg a week from today. With every item that gets ticked off the list, the reality of my departure becomes more real. And with that reality, the nerves. "Teaching children?!?! What on earth has gotten into me?!?!" is a common sentiment. But no, I'll be fine -- I'm up for the challenge; I'm needing to be pushed out of my comfort zone...and if this won't achieve that, nothing will.

As during my trip to Ukraine, I remind myself "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13. When the tasks seem manageable -- or when they seem overwhelming but backing out is an option -- I rely on myself, thinking it's my own competence that's getting things done. When I'm in completely over my head, however, and have no option but to do it anyway, that's when I recognize it's God who's in control. So that's my prayer for this year -- that the deluge of new experiences, responsibilities and perspectives would not destroy me, but turn me toward the One who holds my life in His hands, and is far more wise and powerful than I.


lasselanta said…
I will be praying that for you, too.

Which WT family will you get to see in Paris?
kar0ling said…
Not a WT family, I don't think, but Cameroon people -- Sparks. I image you know them from FES?
lasselanta said…
Yes, I do know them from FES. I don't know them very well (I think I only spent 1 FES with them), but they're a great family.
Rebs said…
you left this morning on the plane, if all went well.
hope your travels are going well so far. update and let me know!

love you

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