Tick tock again

Yikes! Where does the time go?

I've promised myself not to let a week go by without posting something, so here goes.

I'm frantically trying to get my visa application sent off. Had no intention of leaving it this late and now there's delay after delay as I'm having difficulty getting an attachment to open so I can print off the vital document contained therein.

Also, it's my last week of work at both jobs. Tomorrow, I've got to train the new guy in what I do at the paper.

At the bookstore, I've launched into an enormous inventory clean-up project which I've been wanting to do the five years I've been there but lacked the impetus to start in a big way, though I've been chipping away at bits and pieces of it. Think I can get it done in my remaining 2 1/2 shifts? Not a chance. Am I trying valiantly to pull it off AND clean up my sections and get them ready to hand over AND finish up as much of the frontlist ordering as possible? Yes. Because I'm crazy. And a control freak. And I have difficulty letting go.


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