Monkey kola

Monkey kola

From the outside, it looks like a dark, bumpy root or something - which it probably is, I actually don't know. Inside, it has 3 or 4 pieces (hmmm, I'm actually guessing about this as well since I haven't seen it peeled, only whole and on a plate).

Okay, the point of this all is that I've eaten one and I wanted to describe it to you. It's a lot like lichee, only firmer, less sweet, less watery and much larger. But really, it is similar to lichee!

Well, that was a failure - my attempt to describe monkey kola to you. I'll make it up to you by commenting on the weather. Humidity is high today - as always - but for once it's actually warm. You may think I should not be asking for warm weather, I'll get enough of it soon enough, and I agree with you, however, it has been very cool, not just in Bamenda, but also here in the village, and I was so thoroughly warned about the heat here that I packed pretty much exclusively for that, and have very little to keep me warm when the sun is not beating down. So, for today anyway, Hurrah for the warmth!


Michael said…
I enjoy reading about your adventures... though I can't imagine those Prov books are helping you AT ALL.

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