Though I won't deny I welcome the slightest sign of spring after a long Winnipeg winter, I would never say I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder on account of the long darkness and the bitter cold. Rainy season, however, is proving to be a different matter.

Maybe the short evenings contribute somewhat my distress; as someone from just above the 49th parallel, I associate warm weather with long daylight hours but though the weather is mild enough here, darkness invariably falls by 7:00 pm, and it falls fast.

Whatever the case, my outlook is positive and eager on sunny days, but when the sky darkens and the rain begins to fall, my mood plummets and I find myself wishing dry season here as fast as the clouds can carry. No doubt you'll be laughing at me 3 months from now when I am complaining about the heat and the dust and wishing the rains back, but at the moment, I can't say I particularly enjoy rainy season.


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