Creatures in the bathroom, episode three

I don't know why I'm surprised that this is turning into a series. I suppose I ought to be grateful it took two months in the village to encounter my first cockroach in the bathroom. And I ought to be grateful that he was small, and rather stupid, preferring to scurry along the wall and to dart across the room where he was handily dispatched, rather than running behind the rattan shelf where I was unwilling to chase after him.

Yes, I am grateful. It's just..he's only the first, isn't he?


Michael said…
I say, leave the dead bug as a message to other bugs: you can expect the same if you stick around.
Rebs said…'s really pretty when the other bugs start eating the first dead bug. I think you should try out Mike's idea and give us photo evidence of the beauty.

speaking of photographic evidence...I'm having a hard time that you're anywhere worth taking pictures of - though I know this must be the case - because of the lack of activity on that front...

*hinting elbow motions*

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