Creatures in the bathroom, take two

A few days back, Kenneth caught a big toad. Not a monstrous toad-only about 2 inches long-but big enough. "Tommy Toad" lived in the family shower room for the first day, then I didn't hear anything about him.

I was in my bathroom, unsuspecting, when I suddenly look up to see Tommy Toad hopping around the perimeter of the room. I did not scream, though I did rather nervously ask Mr. Toad what he was doing there. He continued hopping over to a corner and waited for me to leave, which I did as quickly as possible, to track down Kenneth.

"Kenneth, your frog is in my bathroom. Please remove him now!"

Kenneth found his toad and I had my invader taken care of, so we were both happy. I think I'm going to look around a bit before I enter the bathroom from now on, however.


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