Gas and milk

Gas and milk. A natural combination, yes?

In North America, gas pumps routinely share their habitat with vending machines selling cold drinks-usually pop-sometimes juices. Occasionally there will be an ice cream freezer on the premises as well.

Cameroonian gas stations have vending machines, too. They sell yoghurt.

This is all the more surprising and bizarre to me because I don't think the average Cameroonian eats much of milk products. Then again, the average Cameroonian doesn't drive a motor vehicle, so perhaps the wealthier, the car owners, have made their own take on the habits of Western decadence.


Anonymous said…
I'm sure giving thanks doesn't end just because you are not on a continent that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so happy Thanksgiving and we're thankful that you are enjoying your experience and thankful that we get to hear all about it on your eloquent blog.

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