Spaghetti omelette

Who knew those words could go together? Spaghetti omelette. And not only go together, but taste good.

To say it is Cameroonian food would probably be to mislead; perhaps more accurately it is a Cameroonian take on Western food. Whatever it is, eaten here, and it's surprisingly likable. It is just what it sounds like-an omelette with spaghetti in it.

Why, you ask? So did I. To get more mileage out of your egg, of course. And to get protein with your spaghetti. (In North America, another reason would be to use up left-over spaghetti, but I don't think that's applicable here.) It's more spaghetti than egg; the egg mostly holds the concoction together.

So, adventurous cooks out there, give it a try!


Anonymous said…
Sounds similar to something I've done for years, which I ripped off from a Chinese dish I once had, I cook eggs in with my Mr. Noodles.

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