Spiders and other crawling "friends"

Though barring the moot-moots, there's not been much to complain of with insect life so far, I have noticed an increase in the variety and frequency of the insect population as dry season draws closer, so I expect the situation to deteriorate. (Paradoxically to my way of thinking, the bugs are much worse during dry season than rainy season. I guess it's just too wet and not hot enough for them to thrive during the latter.) Nevertheless, I've been torn as to my feelings for spiders in my room. Normally, I'd just squish a spider if I found one inside, but here, I think of the great work they can do and conclude I'd rather share my space with them than with insects. At least the little guys don't bite.

Geckos, however, I feel less accepting of. There is one running up and down my wall right now and I'd really prefer he be outside. I don't hold a grudge against him or anything, I think he's a fabulous little guy.but I don't want to share my room with him.

And mice, well, mice do nothing to stop the insects from biting so I sure hope Holly got her claws on the mouse Mike inadvertently imported from Bamenda on the weekend, the one that I caught running out of my room on Sunday night. I can be quite certain the magnanimity I'm willing to extend to spiders here does not extend to rodents.


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