Mud puddles in the air

As a prairie girl, born and raised, I love the sun. The long glorious hours of light on summer nights are worth the long, dark nights of winter, especially with the snow to offer that luminous quality. Because what makes it all so great is the near-daily sunshine. It’s rare to go more than a few days without Mr Golden Sun on the prairies, and I love it.

That’s why I didn’t mind the muggy days of transition season, when the sun would still come out again after a hard rain in the Cameroonian rainforest, despite the clouds in the air. You see, when a pounding rain in the morning which leaves big puddles on the ground is followed by a scorching hot sun, you can almost see those mud puddles rise into the air and hang there in a cloying mist, like garlic breath.

Anything for some sunshine.


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