Still loving the left

Obama? The NDP?

No, my hand -- for passing things.

It's great; I'm still savouring it. Every time I pass someone something with my left hand, halfway through the motion I'm seized with guilt for my faux pas...then, realizing I'm in Canada, flooded with joy and relief that it doesn't matter anymore!


lasselanta said…
Totally with you on this one. So true.
kar0ling said…
The funniest part is I was terrible at remembering my left while I was out there -- I would always remember mid-motion, just like I am here. I can't tell you how many times in market I would be paying for something, and halfway through handing over the money realize I was using my left hand, so I'd retract it, switch hands (usually juggling my purse, wallet, other packages, etc.) and try again with my right.

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