Bible translation

"Of the 2,400 language groups with portions of the Bible, roughly 1,115 have the New Testament. Only 426 have a full Bible including the Old Testament."—Christianity Today quoted these figures from Wycliffe in September 2006.


One of the neat things about the Oroko translation project is that from the beginning, the translators planned to give the Oroko the whole message of the Bible, not merely the New Testament with portions from the Old. The team is presently working simultaneously on the gospel of Luke and the book of Genesis. The book of Ruth has already been published, and the book of Jonah is in the final stages of approval for publication.


paulmerrill said…
Thanks for highlighting Bible translation, kar0l!

God's blessings in this new year. (It already doesn't feel so new...)

-Paul Merrill for Wycliffe's The Seed Company

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