It's spring, it's spring; a marvellous thing!

Not quite slinky, but I love to say that line.

The light has returned, aided in part by Daylight Savings Time, and I bask in the thought of increasingly long evenings.

Though the wind is still frigid, there's a wonderful earthiness in the air, a damp but fresh and living scent on the breeze that teases with a promise of spring, even while the gale bites your cheeks and threatens to draw the very air from your lungs.

The streets and sidewalks are one massive murky puddle, but AHHHHH! it's not -30 anymore; we've shed toques and mittens and heavy coats, so what's some wet feet compared with a fatal fall on an icy sidewalk.

In many respects, a Manitoba spring is a miserable time of year, but after the harsh winter, we've learned to dredge every speck of appreciation from the warmer temperatures, and know well enough to savour every moment of outdoor time before mosquito season starts.


Anonymous said…
I have to admit I am still wearing my winter coat, scarf, hat, mitts, and boots. The only difference from last week is no long johns.
But I actually am excited to go outside now, and not just faking excitement in order to convince the kids that it really is fun to go outside when it's cold out.

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