Three words for hibiscus

The flower picture I posted last time was inspired by a lecture at CMU's Refreshing Winds conference, headlined by Brian McLaren. He outlined four "spaces" or stages of development; his own words for them unique, the concept well-explored by others. But it was all worth hearing -- and, I judge, worth reiterating.

One thing Brian brought that was of value was 3 words, 3 "practices" for each stage. Each word was simple but profound, deepening upon further reflection.

The first stage was "simplicity" (I'll grant you, an overused, misused word, shorn of its power through repeated abuse). Words:

Here -- the practice of presence

Thanks -- the practice of gratitude

O! -- the practice of wonder

It was in the oh, that I felt impelled to wonder wordlessly, to look upon the pink hibiscus -- a dreamy vision in the midst of a Manitoba winter -- and say nothing at all.

I live in silence much of the time, but my mind is often filled with torrents of banal inanities and narcissism. I get so busy making observations that I fail to simply stop and observe.

But every so often, something reminds me to stop. To remember. To breathe in and be present -- right here, in this moment, and only here -- to be grateful for this, and to "oh!"


Anonymous said…
good reminder!

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