Winter update 2015

The fatgirl has been ready to go for a month already and I've taken her out a few times when I lacked the effort to deal with a puncture in the rear of my skyline. It has been unseasonably, blissfully warm. However, I'm surprised to discover, looking back, that I'm only bringing out the winter bike slightly later than last year (Nov. 12).

I was on the skyline tonight, hoping the snow wouldn't fall till I got home. Alas, icy shards pelted my eyes (okay, the fatgirl couldn't have helped with that), and slippery, snowy roads bore me home. Time for cold and ice.

So, tomorrow the fatgirl will be on the road for good, just a few days before her birthday, November 22.

*****Update: mild weather returned so we didn't have snow and nasty roads in earnest until a major dump Dec. 16 that strewed mashed potatoes and brown sugar all over the roads.


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