The gospel in few words

The concept of an elevator speech for the gospel is almost offensive to me. Is it not antithetical to the gospel (God with us) to lob it at a random stranger and leave?

Furthermore, I wonder whether the gospel is far less a proposition to understand and believe, but rather the things we do.

Even more than that, the gospel is almost a force all its own, a subtle power that quietly transforms.

But I did start to think about the challenge to express the gospel in 10 words, not to accost people with and demand a response, but because if one understands something, it should be possible to explain it simply.

So I lit on this: God’s self-giving love works wholeness into all aspects of being.

It’s open to revision, but that’s one phrase for it at this point in time. 


Well, I mean, biblically the gospel is: Jesus is Lord/King/Messiah. Gospel as Good News is that Jesus is enthroned. But that maybe needs too much unpacking?
kar0ling said…
True, true, Eric. It's pretty simple. But also complex at the same time. It's like physics.
But, that Jesus is Lord does take some unpacking -- or some thought adjustment -- to become good news. If we think it through, the fact that we have to submit to a higher power is definitely a good thing. But at first blush, it's a bit hard to swallow for some of us.
kar0ling said…
Here's Harry Huebner's take:
"The heart of the gospel is not commitment to an ideal, not passion for justice, not the benefits of living in community, but the personal experience of God acting in this world transforming individual lives and whole communities."

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