The advent of spring

It seems to me our common weather proverbs – particularly relating to spring – are not necessarily inaccurate, merely geographically misapplied. Climatic sayings from England’s sea-bound coasts don’t describe the conditions in continental extreme very well, and my skepticism of weather dictums extends to the calendar dates of spring and winter. Usually, winter-like conditions are long established by the time December 21 rolls around, and rarely is spring in the air yet on March 20.

Except this year.

Not only has the snow been disappearing and the temperature playing above zero even before and certainly since, but the air itself has had a refreshing warmth suggestive of the actual arrival of the marvellous season called spring.

So, on April 1, with several days of rolling on dry roads already behind me, I’ve already got the Skyline home from the shop.

Both my girls will stay in my living room, close at hand, until April has proved more definitely it will not bring snowstorms yet.


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