A different centre

A half-baked revelation:

The idea of a centred set instead of a bounded set was a revelation and a helpful re-orientation: belonging isn’t about being in or out of a certain boundary but about all of us drawing toward a centre. We quickly made it another way of judging right and wrong. It still was a measure of relative rightness – in some ways perhaps worse than bounded where as long as you’re inside the box you’re safe.

The problem with centred set is it still creates the idea of something in the middle, a one truth we are all trying to get close to, still creating ins and outs.

But consider that Jesus was generally found at the margins. He wasn’t in the middle. Should we reach “the centre”, that is, where Jesus is, we’ll find ourselves out on the edges where he actually is. 

Maybe the truth of centred set is lost on us because we’re coming at it from the wrong direction.

Maybe the centre is within us. Maybe we need to orient our centres to be attuned to where Jesus is in the world.


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