Grunts, bellows, and moans.

That characterized the commute home from CMU during a spring blizzard at the beginning of bike month.

The weather folk had mentioned it’d be less nice this evening than it had been yesterday, and the weather app indicated there’d be some snow this evening but despite having my eyes pelted with snow pellets that turned to gentler flakes just as I arrived, I really wasn’t expecting full-on spring blizzard on my way home.

So the grunts came from rumbling over crusty icy chunks concealed under fresh snow, the bellows from jarring into huge curbside potholes that couldn’t be avoided without veering into traffic, and moans from the misaligned parts of my shoulder grinding together.

April biking is always interesting; I maintain that whoever chose April as “get out and ride your bikes, everyone!” month does NOT live in Manitoba.


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