Lost and found


Mount Cameroon remains as elusive as ever in Limbe; its broad base lying with its head stolidly in the clouds. Only the jagged-toothed line of old lava flows already covered in lush green growth is visible before the sky envelops the mountain’s peak. In short, still no sign of the top.


The mysterious Ferdinand Po (island of Equatorial Guinea), apparently visible from Limbe, also long sought after, appeared to my wondering eyes, looming large and shadowlike ABOVE the cloud bank just beyond the springform-cake-pan rocky islets close to the shoreline.

At last located, Bioko (formerly Ferdinand Po) remains mysterious, for it is there one day and gone the next; in a completely different position relative to landmarks depending on your vantage point; and offers not a single glow to the dark night despite being home to over 30,000 people.


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