Cameroonians like to apply the word “prompt” to start times. You’d think I’d have learned already to take it with a grain of salt.

It’s not to say I’m always on time; in fact, I can’t say I’ve shown up to many events on time—if any. In my defense, however, I can’t say many events I’ve been to have started on time either.

On the way up to Bamenda, the bus stopped in Melong to allow patrons to get out, move around, and buy food from the multitudinous vendors at the roadside selling soya, pistaches, plantains, groundnuts, sweet drinks, bread, pineapples, etc. “15 minutes ONLY!” the driver yelled.

Some 30 minutes after the bus had stopped, the driver returned to the vehicle and the wise ones who waited re-embarked the bus. I was not one of the wise ones.


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