Let's be realistic about apologetics in the post-modern world. Perhaps back when everyone was modernist in thinking, it was sufficient to simply out-argue the other side (though I doubt that).

But certainly now, when "what you believe is good for you, and what I believe is fine for me" is the dominant take on life, it is imperative that we teach apologetics as a way to have conversations, a way to begin dialogue -- friendships, even -- not as a way to beat others over the head with facts until they cry uncle. It is imperative that those who learn apologetics exercise their discipline with grace, love, and a willingness to listen to, and even learn from, the others' perspective.

I don't think anyone is going to change his or her mind because a dialogue partner crushed his or her perspective with superior logic. But that doesn't mean apologetics is going out of style, only that the style has changed.


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