Bike 1

Somebody has declared April the month to bike (see video), so I've decided to participate and to attempt to blog about it.

This might fail, or might be really boring, because I bike all the time anyway, but the discipline of putting words -- however banal -- to a page once a day is an excellent discipline for me that I have been sorely lacking for too long.

Having the day off today, the only riding I did was a short trip to Safeway to pick up last-minute supplies for hosting Colombian refugees and friends for supper tonight, so there's not much to say about the ride.

The weather, however, is noteworthy. The contrast between last year's weather and this year's could not be greater, which is what makes subzero temperatures on April 1 so very painful this year. The ground is still covered with snow! Thankfully, much of the road surface has been baked dry by the sun which has a fair bit of power at this time of year.

Here's longing for spring to truly and fully arrive! I'm still waiting for just the right time to bring my "summer" bike in to the shop for a tuneup so I won't have to park it once it's ready, but also won't have to wait weeks for it to clear the spring tuneup backlog.


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