Bike 17 & 18

Singing the praises of the summer bike!

When I leave my sister's house after midnight (which is usually, if I'm there in the evening), I call her when I get home. The other night, she was shocked how early I got home compared to the usual. Yes, it's spring, and spring bike time. So much nicer than winter.

How many weather changes can one day hold?

When I went to church in the morning, it had just started to snow. It was a bit nippy, and windy, but quite passable.

When I left church, my seat was covered in rain, and a heavy, wet snow fell heavily, forcing me to wipe off my goggles several times before finally arriving at the destination. It was nasty. (Sidebar: I hate waiting at minor intersections on major roads during off hours. My little bike isn't big enough to trigger the light change.)

By the time I left my sister's house late in the afternoon, the sun was shining cheerily, the streets were dried up (except for the puddles), and the weather was milder.

Here's hoping spring has finally come.


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