Bike 22

As citydwellers, we so easily become oblivious to the forces of nature in our environment. Commuting on a bicycle helps, but even so, I confess, I'm guilty of missing a lot.
To avoid the nasty ice build-up on the Osborne Bridge pedestrian underpass, I started using the at-grade crossing, and the curb cut is so very nice that I've become too lazy to pedal the few extra feet (and to struggle up the opposite bank). As a result, though I live a block from the river, I've failed to pay any attention to its state. A few weeks ago, I puzzled over the fact that the area directly below the bridges began to thaw while the rest of the river remained snow- and ice-covered. Today, to my surprise, I glanced at the river as I crossed the infamous Sherbrook Bridge and was surprised to see it flowing swiftly, with only a bit of ice encrusted along the banks.


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