Bike 4

Disclaimer: this is not complaining, but making observations for future reference. ;)

The streets are deceptively treacherous at this time.

The warm April sun manages to melt snow and ice in daylight hours, and it being April and all with mostly dry roads, one thinks we're home free.

But the ice patches are unexpected and nasty. The good melt-work of the sun is undone by the temperatures that plunge far below zero before the last luminous rays disappear. In fact, those puddles that portend spring are the most dangerous part. As traffic splashes through them, they spread over the road and adhere to every surface, turning every shaded spot into a mini skating rink that seems to grow in circumference, rather than shrink every day.

But this too shall pass. Eventually spring will come -- and for those near the river, the slower it comes, the better!


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