Bike 6

Not a moment too soon!

I brought my three-season bike to the shop for a tune up today, and not a moment too soon. It takes careful planning each year to ensure that I get my good bike tuned up in time to be ready for spring -- not too late so that it becomes mired in the backlog of everyone prepping their bikes for spring, but not too early such that I have to retire it for another week or two before the roads are good enough to take it out.

The weather isn't forecast to stay much above zero (if at all) till next weekend, so it works out perfectly that they're going to work on it Friday.

I always get compliments on my bike from those in the know and today was no different. As they assessed it, the mechanics commented on how firm all the connections etc were, and how great the geared hub was. Of course, it was built by this shop, so it shouldn't surprise me that they'd appreciate their own work. I'd never dealt with either of these two mechanics before, though. And I do love that bike as well. The first couple of days of riding my skyline instead of my mountain bike are truly blissful. 


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