Manitoba Votes 2007

Well, you knew I had to comment. I'm hardly a political connoisseur but I can't help but have an opinion about everything so of course I have something to say about the election.

It's not even so much about which party wins -- since in the long run, they end up making pretty much the same kind of decisions anyway -- it's the lack of change that bothers me. The third straight majority for a very ordinary government: what a shame! How very boring.

And, how sad the voter cynicism it reflects, as does my earlier comment about them all being the same anyway. Somehow a tight race, and a change in representatives, if nothing else, at least offers hope there will be some difference. It offers hope that one's vote actually counts, and that by participating in the political process, one can actually have an impact on the decisions that get made.

The riding I currently live in has had the same party represent it from its inception in 1969. Granted, it was redistributed thus not in existence for 10 years over the 1980s, but even so, that period includes enough elections make it a disheartening statistic, regardless of which party it is. It wasn't even close this time around -- or any of those other elections either, I daresay, though that's pure speculation.

There was virtually no campaigning in the riding: I saw hardly a sign, the incumbent distributed one lousy generic party brochure in my mailbox -- didn't even have his name on it -- and one other candidate dropped off a brochure today. The only reason I knew the names of any of the candidates in my riding is that I actively sought them out. Is it any wonder voter turnout is abysmal? It's further frustrating how a low level of education, lack of political awareness, cynicism about the merits of the democratic process, and voting being a very low priority conspire to keep the predominately low-income residents in this riding from voting.

I should stop now before I get into trouble for spouting off on things I know nothing about.

In other news, my financial support-raising has been virtually non-existent to date, I have found out. World Team has received virtually no pledges for me beyond what I pledged myself and what my parents gave. This is frightening for me. Sending out the letters in the first place was humbling enough -- I don't even know how to go crawling on hands and knees to beg some crumbs from the hands of my friends and relatives.

So here I go all passive-aggressively trying to encourage people to act -- if they are so led. I really don't want anyone to feel obligated to give just because I asked. I pledged to myself when I decided to go that I would pay my own way there if it came to that, rather than make people feel they had to give simply because of association.

But, if you are thinking about support does not need to be received in cash by World Team before I leave, but the full amount must be pledged before they'll let me go. So if it doesn't fit into your budget right now, but you honestly wish to give something, please send a pledge to World Team sooner rather than later.


Rebs said…
you? comment on politics? quoi?

have you let your team know about your current state of non-funds raised? I'd suggest sending out an update to us so that we all know...

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