Okay, maybe it's a bit late in the season to be saying it, but I love spring! It is so beautiful to see everything turning green. I love to observe the green buds sprouting from the trees and the grass become verdant.

That's something I missed in the Netherlands and have taken extra appreciation for ever since. Out there I really enjoyed seeing daffodils blooming as early as February, fields upon fields of tulips blooming in April, and flowering trees clothed in pink or white -- gloriously beautiful for a week or two, then dropping their petals in a rain of colour. But I kept waiting for those little buds I saw to turn into full-fledged leaves. I kept thinking "any day now, everything will be green." And sure enough, some two months after I started saying that, the trees finally displayed their full foliage.

I really don't have a favourite season -- their very existence is my favourite. I love the beginning of each season and usually weary of each by its end. So, it'll be quite the experience to not have a significant change of seasons for a whole year.

I remember in Burma (Myanmar) the light always threw me. In Manitoba, the daylight lasts a long time during summer, so when the weather is warm I naturally associate darkness with lateness. Consequently, it always felt so very late to me when we went for supper because it was almost dark already by the time we started eating, so I always expected it to be close to midnight by the time we got back to our lodgings and was shocked to discover it was only 8 or 9 o'clock. Again, it'll take some getting used to in Cameroon when darkness falls around 6 all the time for the whole year.


Rebs said…
yeah, that will be an adjustment. (one of many, I'm sure)
I remember going to bed at 6-ish and it being perfectly pitch black out and waking up at 5 or so. I think my parents only ever stayed up till about 8 or so - there wasn't much to do there after dark and we all were up early.
Honestly, you've never known darkness until you've experienced an African night.
and the stars are more beautiful there than anywhere else I've ever been.

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