Internet down

In Canada, if internet service is down for a few hours, people get antsy. In Cameroon, we're a bit more phlegmatic about things.

Here in the village, we don't have internet at all-we send email through the radio to Yaounde where another missionary converts it to internet-if he's not home, or if there's any kind of glitch in the system, we simply go without. So we weren't overly concerned when a few days went by without email (though we were feeling the loss of contact with the outside world, email being one of our only media).

Then Dan and Mike returned from a weekend of meetings in Kumba with news that internet is out everywhere.or so they say. People were reporting internet was out over the entire country. One report was that a fibre optics cable had been cut in Douala. Elsie, coming to visit us from Bamenda reported some places in NorthWest had it, others did not. We're not sure what the real story was, but if you're reading this, it's back up and running!


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