Once again translation week and a "Friesen week" have coincided for me so I get to eat "country chop" with the translators at lunch.

We hadn't had waterfufu yet this week, so I was expecting--but dreading--that for lunch on Wednesday. Before leaving for lunch I thought to myself, I dearly wish lunch would be plaintains or something. Imagine my delight when it was indeed boiled plaintains with a red sauce and cabbage. A healthy fire burned in my mouth from the first bite and I avoided scooping out any meat with the cabbage but otherwise the meal was excellent.

Today Lisa and I were sharing our dread of waterfufu and our earnest wish that we would not have to eat it today. Finally, the ladies brought the food and our suspense was ended as one of the translators lifted the lid and exclaimed in consternation: "we had this yesterday!" (Actually he said it in Oroko, but that's a paraphrase of my understanding of what he said.)

Lisa and I looked at each other and grinned. The sauce today had a white base, far less oil and less pepe-in short, it was even better than yesterday. The hoped-for but unexpected reprieve from waterfufu made it all the more enjoyable!


lasselanta said…
I congratulate you on your escape! :-)

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