Compliments of Johannes and Bruno

At breakfast this morning, Becky mentioned they'd gotten some meat last night. As the plan was for us to eat it at lunch today, she instructed Kenneth to get it from the fridge to show me. I couldn't imagine what it could be that a small bag of it in the fridge would be recognizable. Then I looked closer. Scaly skin. Lizard?

Yes, Johannes (Scotts' househelp) and Bruno (Scotts' German Shepherd) went hunting yesterday and shot a monitor lizard which they generously shared with us.

So today in our pepe soup we had pieces of lizard meat. Actually, Becky pulled out the meat to serve it separately, and I must confess I ate but a miniscule amount. The taste itself was not problematic and the meat was very tender. But the skin was still on it, and there were still some small bones, and I really am a child when it comes to fat, bones and gnurple in my meat. The skin itself was very thin and peeled nicely off the thick layer of fat so that once you got down to the flesh, a walnut sized chunk of cooked lizard yielded only half a teaspoon of meat. But hey, I can now say I've eaten lizard.

Apparently meat was once the domain of men only-women, apparently, would be weakened by eating it and/or have difficulty bearing children. The translators confessed there is likely no science behind this, only a wish, on the part of the men, to save the good stuff for themselves.


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