Dust and sweat.

I'm back in Big Bekondo. Yes, I just accused Bamenda of having dust beyond anything I'd ever seen, but it doesn't negate the fact that a house without windows will be dusty after three weeks, even in the rainforest.

And sweat-yup, it's humid. Transition season (period of intermittent rain and sun before rainy season begins in earnest) is upon Bamenda - its people eagerly await the dust-dampening rains, but in the meantime the humidity builds. Elsie kept complaining of how humid it was while I stared at her blankly: "humidity? What humidity? I live in the rainforest."

Upon reaching Kumba today, I found the air temperature itself to seem cooler than mid-day in Bamenda, especially with the cooling breeze up on the second story of the building on the Baptist compound, but the humidity was undeniable. Back in the village, I am experiencing that familiar sheen of sweat over my whole body.

But it's good to be "home".


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