“I have a melody in my heart today”

At church today, the service was a bit emptier than usual, but my heart was encouraged by watching the Cameroonians worship. The songs focussed on praising God, and the people sang, clapped, and moved with joy. The sermon, from II Timothy 2:1-7, was practical both for a time of crisis and for everyday life: be strong in the grace of Jesus Christ.

We wait with some trepidation, but with trust in God, for what Monday will bring. The normalcy we witnessed this weekend may have been only a short break in the protests to allow people to move around and get supplies.

Please continue to pray for peace in Cameroon. Pray for people who are struggling and pray that the government may act with wisdom and justice.


Unknown said…
Thanks for continually posting about all this stuff. We're reading and praying. Take care of yourself.

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