Return of the rain


In Bamenda and drier regions, they welcome the rain to tamp down the dust and temper the heat. Not so us rainforest folk (okay, "us" being Becky and me). Our first day back in the village was gloriously sunny which we took advantage of to get many loads of laundry dried. But late afternoon rumblings turned to evening showers and it's been cloudy ever since. I'm not ready for dry season to be over! What with the dampness, the cooler temperatures strike a chill; and what with the clouds blocking out the sun, the dimness is depressing.

They assure me this is "mini rainy season": the sun never fully disappears and the rain always stops sooner rather than later. Full-blown rainy season doesn't start until June/July with its greatest intensity in August.

I hope they're right. But alas, I shall miss the sun.


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