My name is Ga

Joshua loves to talk. He loves to tell stories. One word stories. Fortunately, Joshua's vocabulary is rapidly expanding to include more words--or perhaps I should say more discreet words. Joshua has long said, for example, "spoon," "shoe," and "juice," but until recently they all sounded like "SHU!"

He also has names for the personages (including furry ones) in his life. "Da-da" (Dad), and "Day-da" (Radar, the dog) are distinguishable only to the discerning ear. "Ma" has evolved to "Mam" or "Mam-mam," which seems adorably anachronistic coming from such a little one. Sister Rachel is "Day-cho." Cat Dongwa is "Da-wa" while growing kitten Eowyn is usually just "ki-yi." Joshua's best friend from the village, young CeCe, presents no difficulty for him. I, as yet, am "Ga."


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