Signs of Cameroon: the continuing story

A business in 3 Corners Bekondo:
Doctor of Engines: Chainsaw, motorcycle

On a truck:
Don One
[the fun thing about this one is trying to guess what this moniker might mean. Is the truck named “Don Juan”? Is it “done won”, i.e. Pidgin for “I have won”? or is it something else entirely?]

On the menu at Handicraft Restaurant in Bamenda:
Bonne Appetit
Scrabble eggs
Marshed potatoes
Avocardo bread

Roadside sign in Bamenda:
Church of Christ
Service Center
(my question is whether the service centre is part of the church or completely unrelated but sharing the same sign. I suspect the former, but it’s amusing to consider the latter.)

Businesses in Bamenda:
Never Mind Cold Store
Second Hand Tenis Shop [This is a shoe store]
World Trade Center [A store selling appliances, as best I could tell]
Confidence Man: Provisions/Cold Store

Business in Santa:
Titanic Photo

Business in Yaounde:
God’s Bussiness Centre

Packaging on small-serving cookie packets:
Parle-G: “World’s Largest Selling Biscuit”

A bridge crossing a river on the plateau between Loum and Dschang:
Black Ouata
[Say the second word out loud to hear what the river is really called]

Painted on a hearse travelling the Buea road:
Last Jouney

At the crossroads in Ekombe:
Cold Wa

A small shop close to the taxi park in Ekondo Titi:
Unity Fashion Shop
Ping Centre

In Mutengene:
Boomerang Barbing Sarloon

At the Melrose Hotel Le Prestige:
Help us to serve you by your constance payment in advance.

Come one come all.

You are not suppose to carry away our hotel property. Mostly in your rooms.


Anonymous said…
That's great. Don't you just love when the English language is so hilariously butchered!? I personally will not frequent establishments that have grammatical errors in their printed, laminated, and PAID FOR signs. Surely someone should have proofread them first!

FYI... we read your blog all the time. You sure do have some interesting stories. Thanks for sharing.

Liv (Kris' wife)

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