Why Dan fell off the ladder

Because the small drainage trench is about a foot from the house, the ladder Dan was standing on to reach the roof was nearly vertical. So it’s no big surprise that at some point in the operation, the ladder began to tip backwards. Dan grabbed onto something solid to check his fall: the house.

He should have known better.

Normally you can’t easily drive nails into concrete walls to hang pictures, but in Cameroon, that is the case. Normally, grabbing onto a concrete wall would be a good choice, but in Cameroon, you may just come away with a hunk of cement in your hand.

As Dan discovered.

The problem is that sand is much cheaper than cement. Why use all that expensive cement powder when you can make it stretch by adding more sand?

(I understand his bewilderment. Normally trees are good things to grab onto to keep from falling, too.)

** No missionaries were hurt in the making of this blog.


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