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Just stop it!

*Raw, quick thoughts, just thrown up here, at my peril, with very little pondering. Wayback machine or other internet tools used to dig up dirt on people, I'll probably edit this as I have better formed thoughts on the matter. Please don't hold this rant against me. It needed to get out there in order to spur further thought* Division. No, not lists of the dreaded mathematical function represented by ÷ I'm talking polarization.  No, that buzzword has become too familiar.  I'm talking cleavage.  Not breaking up (that can be a thoughtful act) but breaking off . Casting out.  The world is facing polycrises: climate change, species loss and natural disasters are bad enough without us adding wars and racism and systemic injustice to it all.  Christians, if we are to have any hope of faithfully representing the God we claim to obey, it is high time we put our differences aside.  Those of you who are purity minded, okay, you probably have a point. God's holiness does de

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