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May 2 has got to be one of the latest dates I’ve switched bikes. Took the Skyline out for a whirl tonight. The potholes are ridiculous this year, there’s a lot of sand and debris after an awfully snowy winter, and there was so much precipitation this spring too that puddles were pervasive, so I’ve been hanging on to the fatgirl to handle the treacherous streets. The first thing I notice about switching bikes is the different weight. The fatgirl has a really light frame — all the weight is in the massive tires. On the Skyline, the narrow wheels are fairly light — it’s the old steel frame (and the plastic milk crate reinforced with a heavy piece of wood) that gives this vehicle its weight. The next impression is the handlebars. The fatgirl’s are extra wide. I think the skyline’s are a tad on the narrower side than average. The first few rotations feel really wobbly. But first, the seat height! This was actually a new one. My seat had started peeling and I tried to fix it with tape,

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