Geckos and books

The sky grew threatening dark as I sat in the library of the Baptist mission compound this afternoon, but the heavens didn't open until after supper -- right when our supper guests might have been considering leaving. It poured and poured at two different intervals in the evening but now all is calm again except for the crickets chirping loudly outside the window.

Speaking of wildlife, I saw some magnificently coloured lizards at the resthouse in Douala and was today mildly surprised to find a very large gecko hanging out in the bathroom of the guest apartment another lady and I were outfitting for a soon-to-be-arriving family. He scampered away as soon as he saw us, but I was surprised at his size. Geckos in Myanmar were never more than 2 or 3 inches long, tail included. This little guy was over half a foot.

What was I doing in the library all afternoon, you may be wondering? No, not reading away my adjustment period in Cameroon -- I was cataloguing books for the library! Oh, what bliss! To sit at a computer and do data entry for books! Elsie had to send Jenny (one of "my kids") to drag me away shortly before supper. I look forward to returning to it tomorrow.

No, seriously, I don't wish to lead you to believe that data entry is the only job I enjoy, but after feeling very much like a little puppy or a shadow or a burdonsome child, following everyone around, it was nice to get to work on a task I could do competently and to know that I was actually doing work which would be of use to someone and free up some time for them to do other tasks, and which they are probably only too happy not to have to do.


Anonymous said…
I'm very impressed at your explanation for being such a geek. Data must have been jumping for joy, dear!
(Glad you could help someone out,though.)

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