Sounds in Bamenda

I was going to call this "the sounds of Africa" but I thought someone might be offended by the generalization, and I realized it’s probably specific to where I am now. The sounds of Big Bekondo may be of a whole other variety.

A cacophony of car horns – beeping and honking…and no, that’s not redundant, they are distinct types. Particularly around “rush hour,” the distant din is constant.

Crickets. And boy, are they ever loud. Also unrelenting.

Rain pounding on the corrugated tin roof.

Shouts from an impromptu soccer game on an improvised pitch.

Trills of birds of a variety of shapes and colours.

The pounding beat of distant music blasted in the streets or from a car.

The whining of the somewhat feral dog somewhere on the compound and the yowls of the phantom cat outside my windows as I attempt to go to sleep – a cat I have yet to actually see in the daytime.

And today, for the first time in all the rain, the loud roll and crack of thunder, quite close, heralding a heavy but brief shower.


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