Mysterious Mount Cameroon

Where are you hiding, Mount Cameroon? It’s the largest mountain in West Africa, the eighth largest on the continent of Africa, rising to 4,095 metres. And it’s right here…somewhere. I know it lies between Limbe and Kumba.

While we were in Limbe, I kept looking at the hills opposite the ocean, thinking, “Surely it’s got to be right there!” but there was nothing but cloud and haze. No luck as we drove past Buea, which lies at the foot of the mountain, and is the stepping off point for the Race of Hope, a day-long marathon run up the mountain. Even from Big Bekondo it should be possible to see the mountain as it’s not that far away, but there has only been one day so far that it has been visible. I had hopes to see it up close in Limbe, but I guess better luck next time.


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