Well, I'm here. All went smoothly, even better than I expected, though that is in part on account of the worst case scenario advice I was given before leaving. I met up with another missionary family in Paris so they were my peace of mind for the rest of the trip. Despite warnings that "Air Chance" (Air France) has a reputation for loosing baggage, all of mine arrived on time, Praise the Lord!

Spent my first day in Cameroon lazing about with the Scott family who are at the end of their vacation. So far the kids and I get along -- the girls already think I'm crazy so I think we're off to a good start. The little one (Laura, 4) has taken a shine to me it seems and Kenneth has very little to do with me, but that is fine.

Played my first game of Settlers, for those for whom that means something. I suspect I may wile away many an evening here playing with either the girls or the Friesens whom I'm told are super-competitive.

What can I tell you about Cameroon? Douala is firmly in the French part of the country -- all signs, product packaging and speaking is in French. The dirt is a red clay. The city reminds me very much of Yangon, Burma -- one third world city is much like another, I suppose, not to undermine the individuality of each place however, but it may be a bit longer in discovering. One patisserie/epicerie we went into reminded me of the small grocery stores in Ukraine, with a counter for each different type of food. It was warm today but not unbearably so. I daresay it was hotter in Winnipeg and Toronto. We had sun at intervals in the morning and afternoon with dark skies threatening rain in between, though I don't think any rain fell. But it is rainy season after all, so anything can happen weather-wise.


Pamela said…
So glad you and your luggage arrived at the same time! I'll be looking forward to your entries as you settle in for the coming year!
Anonymous said…
Good to hear from you Karla. I'll bring this news to church tomorrow. So glad your flight, customs etc went well.
Anonymous said…
Happy to hear you're trip was thus far smooth and safe! Hope you have a lot of adventures in store for us to hear about!
Anonymous said…
Okay, I can't help but mention this because I know you would appreciate it, Karla. I'm also glad your luggage wasn't loosed on the general population. Who knows what havoc might have been created. Oh, now I'm certainly going to make some silly mistake myself. Anyway, glad to hear you arrived well.

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