Food by any other name

Plums. Cameroonian plums. They make beautiful trees with their pink fruit before it ripens. They're eaten cooked - crispy, papery, purplish skin covering a scanty layer of avocado-reminiscent fruit ensheathing a large pit.

Plums, eh?

Pears. Cameroonian pears. We had them for supper again today and I think I like them. I've always been ambivalent about "pears" but the way these are prepared appeals to me. They're cooked, pit is removed and the hollow filled with a salad of tomatoes, onions and some other vegetables in a light oil sauce (because everything is cooked in oil here). Getting the feeling they're not really pears yet?



lasselanta said…
Yes. And "grapes"! :-)
kar0ling said…
ooh, i haven't encountered "grapes" yet.
lasselanta said…
I encountered "grapes" when I was asking about one Oroko word (I can't type it here because I don't have the right letters, but the Scotts will be able to tell you). I asked if it only referred to oranges, and my language helper said no. "It means many fruits. Orange, lemon, mandarin, grape..." :-)

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