Attack of the mosquitoes

Douala has mosquitoes. Hordes of them. They were swarming Rachel and me as we tried to sleep at the Union of European Baptists Resthouse – which does not have mosquito nets on the bed. After hours of flailing and swatting at the buzzers, and hiding under the topsheet in a stuffy cocoon, I heard Rachel trying to turn on the fan.
Brilliant idea!
I turned on the light to aid her in her endeavour and discovered why it had been such a miserable night. There were a good half dozen mosquitoes on the wall above my bed and an equal number over by Rachel’s.
We performed a mission of annihilation (trying not to smash the blood-filled suckers against the white wall) then went to sleep, finally able to get some relief from the pests and the heat.
The next day Dan liberally applied Moon Tiger to the entire apartment so the second night passed much more peacefully. I carry with me the scars (mosquito bites) from the experience thus I’m unconcerned by the chemicals I surely inhaled after the Moon Tiger application.


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