Food by any other name, part 5

Soya is an ambiguous word, and I couldn't say what exactly I would expect of something called "soya" at home. It might be soy beans themselves; it might be tofu or another soy bean product; it might be the ubiquitous soya sauce of Chinese restaurants. But I'm fairly positive that it would not ever be spiced, skewered meat roasted over a barrel fire on the side of the road.

It's delicious, despite its seeming misnomer. Some are "party in my mouth" spicy, while others are "get water quick, there's a fire in my mouth" spicy, depending on the vendor.

It's also known as "typhoid on a stick" but I prefer not to be so negative about food. As long as they're reasonably hot when you buy them, you just chow down with relish and pray that ignorance is bliss.


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