Signs of Cameroon

On a thrift store in Bamenda:
Fairly Used Goods

In the police station in Bamenda:
Don’t Don’t bribe

Bamenda businesses:
Naturophatic Medicine
Glorious Printshop
Microsoft Office

Bamenda grocery stores/supermarkets:
Our Parents
New Life

In Nkwen Baptist Church in Bamenda:
Please honour the Lord / Switch off your phone(s)

At the Baptist resthouse in Bamenda:
No drinking of alcohol here please!

Peaceful Off Licence
All for God Bar
Explosif Bar
Chop Gain

In Big Bekondo:
Bobecafs-cigs / Exploitation: Cocoa, Coffee

On a roadside kiosk in Wafa:
Sweat Provision Store

On a roadside kiosk in Ekombe:
Persi Verance

Roadside businesses between Kumba and Yaoundé:
God’s Favour Computer Centre
Diligent Bilingual Schools

A children’s aid-type society in Kumba:
Bend Down Women / Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Miscellaneous Kumba signs:
Divine High School—Excellence in education
Heavy fowls for sale

At the Presbyterian seminary in Kumba:
Sex can wait; my future can’t.
Abstinence: the best way to avoid AIDS.

Along the road between Yaoundé and Douala:
Chaises à louer
(If you’re wondering why a person would want to rent chairs, consider private gatherings here: if you’re having a party or holding a conference, you don’t rent a hall, you erect a shelter, but with up to 100 guests or more, you’re going to need some extra chairs!)

In the changerooms at Seme Beach Resort Hotel in Limbe:
Prohibited to urinate in changing rooms. Thanks.
(The smell in the rooms suggested many people disobeyed the signs, despite the fact they were in both official languages.)

Just outside Muyuka:
No farming by order Catholic Church

Billboards everywhere:
-- The familiar credit union logo—the family cupped in two hands.
-- Guinness ads, featuring the word “greatness” in some context, regardless of whether the sign is in French or English.


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