The joys of technology

For some reason, though I was connected to the internet, my hotmail inbox, my blog, and my facebook refused to open: one of the “joys” of technology.

I decided to log into Skype to see if that worked, and out of idle curiosity as to whether I could get video from my sister through there.

Not only did Skype work, but I was able to see my sister and my nieces and to hear their voices for the first time in months! Oh, the Joys of Technology! There was a bit of a blip in the process because though she has a webcam, I don’t, nor do I have a microphone. Luddite that I am, it took me a few moments to figure out how to make this work. First I could see and hear them but not respond, then I found the dialogue box so I could type, but I couldn’t find their picture. Finally I got all the pieces together so I could see and hear the girls and type madly to them at the same time. I spent a blissful more than half hour gazing at my nieces, interspersing comments of “oh! So cute! You’re so big! I can’t believe how much you’re talking!”


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